Bone Buddy Profile: Wesley Gray

Certified in Pet Safety and First Aid — Completed over 400 walks/visits

I have been a pet owner my entire life. Animals have always been a passion of mine and I love taking care of them and making sure they are as happy as can be!

My Pet Story: My first dog was a beautiful mutt named Ginger, the sweetest girl. Ginger loved attention and treats almost as much as she loved some quality petting time. A few years later, Sparky entered the family, a Corgi/Basenji mix. She had tremendous infectious energy and was always super eager for belly rubs. The family got even bigger a year with the addition of Stellar, a dachshund with one blue eye and one brown eye. He was one extremely laid back dude, until he saw a squirrel. His favorite pastimes included sleeping, eating and lying on the couch with you while you watched television. We currently have a dog named Elsa, a dachshund. She is quite timid, but doesn’t shy away from some quality petting time and some treats. 

Why I Walk Dogs: I believe it is extremely important for dogs to have quality time for some fresh air and exercise. Dogs love being outside and in nature, and I want to have the opportunity to share that experience with them. Ensuring that dogs are as taken care of and as happy as they can possibly, in turn, makes me extremely happy and personally satisfied.

Why Are Pets Important To Me: Pets have always been an integral part of my life. Pets are always there for you no matter what kind of day you are having or what kind of mood you are in. Dogs in particular are always super happy to see you when you walk in the door after a long day of school or work. And no matter what kind of day you had at either of those places, seeing your dog run towards you with such happiness and enthusiasm always makes your day better. Pets are always your best friends and they love you unconditionally!

I’m also an avid lover of the outdoors and nature in general. I greatly enjoy camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing, biking, four-wheeling, and pretty much anything outdoors related.