We always schedule a free meet/greet before any service, so you can get to know  us and we can get to know your pets.

Primary Services include:

Dog Walking:

  • 20 minute walk/run – starting at $22
  • 30 minute walk/run – starting at $26
  • 40 minute walk/run – starting at $30

In-Home Pet Sitting Visit:

  • 20 minute visit – starting at $22
  • 30 minute visit – starting at $26
  • 40 minute visit – starting at $30

Bed and Breakfast:

  • Includes a 2-hour bedtime visit and a 30-minute breakfast visit – Starting at $95/night

Discounted pricing is available for some pet sitting visits based on frequency, just contact us directly for more information. Bed & Breakfast service requests must be made at least two weeks in advance and are subject to availability.

Puppy / Kitten / Senior Packages:

We understand the need to provide more supervision and support to puppies and kittens under 2 years old. They typically have a greater need than adult pets for potty breaks, nutrition and exercise. We will offer special puppy and kitten packages for visits. We are experienced in house and crate training all breeds, and can also provide tips and recommendations. These packages will also be available for senior dogs and cats that require more care and supervision. All of our employees will be trained and certified in first aid and medication and can care for your senior pets.

Training Reinforcement:

Learning a new trick or practicing sit, stay and come, our goal is to use a consistent routine and commands.

Pet Shuttle:

Have an appointment with the groomer or vet? Need to pick up your pet for daycare but can’t get there in time? Have an early flight that leaves before your boarding facility opens? We’ve got you covered. Our fully insured Pet Care Specialists can get you exactly where your pet needs to be.

We also provide additional bone services to meet your specific needs including Supply Pick Up, Recycling & Composting and can provide customized services, visits and walks. Contact us for more information.

Poop Scoop

Pet waste is more than just a bother, it’s a threat to our health and to our pets’ health. It contains bacteria and parasites combined with other organic matter and nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous, which is notably stinky. We offer both residential and commercial packages specifically tailored to meet your needs. These services start as low as $15 per visit. Contact us for more information.

Schedule a Consultation

Not ready to request service? All pet services require a meet/greet with us, but you can always schedule a free consultation if you are not ready to book a particular service with us.

Service Area:

We currently service Lakewood, M-Streets, Lower Greenville, Uptown, Highland Park, University Park, Deep Ellum, Casa Linda, Lake Highlands and more!


Give them the attention they deserve!